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Big Data for Rad Onc

Brought to you by the developers of dicompyler and DVH Analytics, Radial is designed from the ground up for big data applications.

Intuitive Query Design

Graphically and interactively filter your data, no coding or SQL knowledge needed.

Blazing Fast Data Access

Radial is a built on the very latest big data technologies and tailored for radiation oncology's complex data structures.

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# About

The founders of ONCurate are clinical medical physicists with a passion for coding, automation and data. Let's make big data practical for radiation oncology.

Why Radial?

  • Stability - Based on the latest SQL Software
  • Flexibilty - Non-relational database methods for arbitrary data formats
  • Multi-Valued Data - Full resolution histogram data stored for FAST queries
  • Intuitive Querying - Select patients with our custom method of visual querying
  • Modern Web Framework - Runs in modern web browsers, hosts data in the cloud
  • Vendor Agnostic - Can import data from all patient database vendors