About us

Clinically experienced software developers

Oncurate was founded in 2020 by Aditya Panchal and Dan Cutright, a team of board certified therapeutic medical physicists with a knack for software development.

Our values

Having non-traditional backgrounds in radiation oncology, we've always had to go the extra mile and get our hands dirty to keep up. Now we just love the challenge of pushing the envelope.

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    Strong foundation

    Oncurate's first product, Radial, was designed to be the foundation of many products related to bringing big data to radiation oncology clinics.

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    Customer focused

    We realize applying big data in a practical manner to radiation oncology is a new endeavor. We are constantly improving our products and services to meet the needs of our customers as we all learn together about the benefits of big data in radiation oncology.

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    Simple and inutitive

    We believe in simple, clean user interfaces that need the smallest user manual possible. We also believe in the power of data and statistics to improve patient care. Sometimes those are at odds, but we strive to find the right balance.

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